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Hiring Procedures and Forms

Effective November 1, 2017, all requests to create, replace, and fill vacant positions must be submitted via the Cornerstone Recruit system, replacing the Position Request Form (PRF) process. Cornerstone can be accessed from your employee tab in ULink, and should appear as a link under the Human Resources section. Approvals for hiring candidates will still utilize the Personnel Action Form (PAF). Any questions regarding hiring procedures can be directed to

Hiring Checklist

Personnel Action Form

Personnel Action Form Instructions

Docusign Electronic PAF Approval Process

New Unclassified Staff Hiring via Cornerstone

Employment Types and Hiring Procedures

Unclassified Faculty Vacancy for Cornerstone Job Ads

Westaff Requisition Form(PDF) (Word Version)

Westaff Contract Rate Sheet

University Volunteer Agreement

Employment Application (Temporary Part-time Employees)

Time Sheet (Temporary Part-time Employees)

Cornerstone Recruit Training


Cornerstone Performance (PES) Reviews (Classified employees only)

Steps for Planning

Steps for Review

Cornerstone Performance Reviews: Executive and Senior Administrators

Cornerstone Performance Reviews: Faculty


Cornerstone Performance Reviews: Unclassified Staff


Please bookmark this page and only use the forms found here when you are initiating new action, as these forms may change as we refine the hiring process.