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Human Resources FAQ

How to Pay an individual for their service (Non University Employee)

Individuals to be paid for services must be paid as Independent Contractors through the Purchasing Department OR as Temporary Part-time Employees(formerly known as Casual Labor) through the Human Resources and Payroll Departments.

Process as Independent Contractors if you only control or direct the result of the work, not how it is done. 
Examples:  The commission of an artist to paint a mural, photographers, consultants.

Process as Temporary Part-time if you direct what will be done and how it will be done.  Examples:  Coaches for training camps, ticket takers at sporting events, guards for special events…

Independent Contractors follow procedure outlined by Purchasing Department
Contact HR for clarification/determination of contractor status.

Temporary Part-time Employees procedure:

• A PAF form, indicating the name of the individual, time and scope of work, payment information and budget department information must be routed through the Department’s chain of command for approval before employment begins. 
• A background check must be conducted
• A Payroll Packet must be completed and submitted to the Human Resources Office, before compensation will be remitted.  As with any employee, this packet must be completed within three (3) working days of employment. 
                   Required Documents for Packet:
                       -Social Security Card
                       -Birth Certificate OR Passport
                       -Picture ID  
• Submit Wage Payroll vouchers when the employee works, and is due compensation from the University.  A signed statement from the employee, attesting to the work performed, must be submitted with the voucher.

All payments to individuals requiring deductions for Louisiana Retirement Plans must be processed as Casual Labor regardless of the relationship.

Can I put, or add monies aside for retirement?

TRSL offers an alternative to its defined benefit plan. The Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) is a Defined Contribution Plan. The employer* and the employee make contributions through TRSL to an approved carrier to be invested in a retirement annuity contract in the employee’s name. The amount of your monthly annuity income at retirement is based exclusively on these contributions (less a TRSL administrative fee), your investment earnings, the age at which you begin receiving benefits, and the type of annuity you choose. The ORP carriers information is available on the Optional Retirement Program Page of our website.

Why does my W2 not reflect my entire salary?

Your W2 is a reflection of the income that you have made that has had taxes taken out of it. Income that is taken out of your check, pre-tax will not be reflected in your W2. Examples of this include; participation in the cafeteria plan, retirement, and if you elect to have your insurance premiums to be removed before taxes.

When can I sign up for Health insurance?

As a new hire, you can sign up for any coverage in the first 30 days of employment. Existing employees can make changes to their plan selection, or register for insurance during our October open enrollment period, that will go into effect the following January.

How do I put my newborn on my insurance?

To place a newborn onto your insurance plan, we need proof of birth from the hospital. (This includes the paper that you receive from the hospital with the babies footprints on it). The Birth Certificate must be turned into our office before the end of the first 6 months of the birth of the child.

Can a faculty member paid over 10 months elect to be paid over 12 months?

Continuing (not temporary) faculty members can elect to have their academic year salary spread over 12 months. The Request for Faculty Twelve-Month Pay Option form must be completed and submitted to HR before the start of an Academic Year: