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Computer-Based Training

There are many professional development courses available through Cornerstone as well as the Louisiana Employees Online (LEO) website.

To access professional Development and required courses through Cornerstone.

  1. Log into ULink
  2. On the Employee tab, in the Human Resources box, click Cornerstone, which redirect you into the system.
  3. Once in Cornerstone, click the navigation menu icon , click Learning, then select Learner Home.
  4. Enter the title of the desired course in the search bar. The course should appear. Click Launch to initiate.

Louisiana Employees Online (LEO)
Leo site:

Your LEO IS is required to login. Log into ULink to see your LEO ID displayed on your "Employee" tab under the Louisiana Employees Online block.

To Activate Your LEO ID Number:

1. Visit the LEO website via the link above
2. Click First Time User
3. Follow the prompts to create your new security questions and assign a new password

If you cannot locate your LEO number on ULink, or have any questions, contact

Note* LEO numbers are only available for fulltime faculty, staff, and Adjunct instructors.