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Worker's Compensation & Medical Leave

An employee's rights under FMLA can run concurrently with other types of leave. For example, an employee may be eligible for both Workers' Compensation and FMLA benefits because a work-incurred injury could also be a serious health condition that qualifies under FMLA. Absences due to work-related injuries may be counted against leave available to you under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Please contact the Office of Human Resources, Senior Benefits/ADA Coordinator promptly to discuss your medical leave options if placed out of work or working intermittently due to a work-related injury or illness.

Note: Any employee, regardless of status, who suffers a work-related injury or work-related illness within the meaning of any applicable workers’ compensation laws, is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You must notify your supervisor immediately if you are injured at work, become ill because of what you believe is a work-related incident, or if you are exposed to blood or bodily fluids in the course of your work. For additional information regarding workers’ compensation and the procedures to report an injury, reference the Workers’ Compensation webpage or contact the Office of Human Resources

Request a Leave of Absence