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Workplace Misconduct and Employee Performance Concerns

The University depends on the ethical and responsible conduct of all employees in carrying out its educational, research, and public service missions. Employees are expected to conduct themselves with the highest ethical and professional standards and must comply with applicable laws, regulations, contractual obligations, University, and the University of Louisiana System (“System”) policies. Every effort must be made to avoid unethical or irresponsible conduct, as well as the appearance of such conduct, which can be damaging to the public’s trust in the University.

The Office of Human Resources, HR Consultancy, encourages open and informal discussions of concerns and issues between supervisors and employees. Supervisors should encourage employees to express their concerns with them.

When a conflict between supervisors and employees cannot be resolved through normal channels, one or both parties may seek resolution and advice from the Office of Human Resources. Reports received will be assessed to determine whether a potential violation has occurred in accordance with the Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior Policy, including University System policies and federal and state regulations.