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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is provided by MetLife. This is a voluntary incentive plan that offers coverage for four types of dental services (preventative, basic, major and orthodontic services) with a freedom of choice of dentist. You pay the entire premium.

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Dental/Vision ID Card
Metlife Rates
Metlife Dental Plan Summary


Although you may go to any dentist, the network is MetLife PDP Plus. The dentists who are part of this network have agreed to accept a set fee schedule when receiving payment for dental services. When you choose a MetLife PDP Plus provider, you can save out-of-pocket expenses. For a list of MetLife providers, go to; find a dentist, enter your zip code.

*Note: If you do not enroll within 30 days of employment, you will not be eligible to join until open enrollment. The effective date of coverage would be January 1st of the following year.