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Use & Care of Face Coverings

Employees experiencing difficulty wearing or using face-coverings due to a documented health condition should contact the EEO/ADA Coordinator at for possible reasonable accommodations.

Face Masks/Cloth Face Coverings

Face masks, or face-coverings must be worn by all employees working on campus when in the presence of others or in public settings where social distancing is challenging to maintain (e.g., shared workspaces, meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.). Illustration that says Wear a non-medical face covering when in public spaces and save medical masks for healthcare workers and others in high-risk settings.

The appropriate use of face masks or coverings is critical for minimizing the risks to others near you. Masks or cloth face-coverings are not substitutes for social distancing.

Obtaining a Mask

The University will provide each employee with two washable cloth face-coverings. Disposable masks will be provided by the University if needed. Disposable masks must be disposed of in the trash at the end of each workday.

You may also wear a workplace appropriate self-provided face-covering. Cloth face-coverings must only be worn for one day at a time and must be laundered appropriately before wearing again. Having a weeks supply of cloth face-coverings can help reduce the need for daily laundering.

Putting on the face-covering/disposable mask

  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before handling the face-covering/disposable mask.
  • Ensure the face-covering/disposable mask fits over the nose and under the chin.
  • Situate the face-covering/disposable mask properly with nose wire snug against the nose (where applicable).
  • Tie straps behind the head and neck or loop around the ears.
  • Throughout the process: avoid touching the front of the face-covering/disposable mask.

Taking off the face-covering/disposable mask

  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth when removing the face-covering/disposable mask.
  • When taking off the face-covering/disposable mask, loop your finger into the strap and pull the strap away from the ear, or untie the straps.
  • Wash hands immediately after removing.

Care, storage, and laundering

  • Keep face-coverings/disposable masks stored in a paper/plastic bag when not in use.
  • Do not place the face-covering on your desk or any surface without being stored in a paper/plastic bag.
  • Cloth face-coverings may not be used more than one day at a time and must be washed after each use.
    • Cloth face-coverings should be properly laundered with regular clothing detergent before first use and after each workday.
    • Cloth face-coverings should immediately be replaced if soiled, damaged (e.g., ripped, punctured) or visibly contaminated.
  • Disposable masks should be placed in the trash at the end of the workday. They must not be used for more than one day.
  • Cloth face-coverings should be machine washed in warm water and dried on medium to low heat.

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