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Teleworking Assignments & Requests

Assignments and requests must be evaluated in accordance with the Teleworking Policy. All employees engaged in teleworking must acknowledge the Teleworking Policy and sign a Teleworking Agreement prior to working remotely.

Department heads must evaluate the suitability of individual roles for teleworking using the Teleworking Request Worksheet.

Department heads, or designee will also need to complete the Teleworking Request Form.

Department heads should complete the Remote Office Checklist to ensure their employees have the resources and tools to telework effectively.

Paramount to the success of remote operations is the availability of talent and resources. Whereas all employees may not be equally tasked during remote operations, the initial focus should be on ensuring the continuity of critical services. Be mindful that preparing for remote operations may require support from other University departments that may be focused on preparing for possible closure. Therefore, requests for equipment, supplies, IT, and Facilities support should be limited to situations that directly support critical operations.

Teleworking assignments and requests should be handled as follows:

1. Teleworking Assignments – Employees performing critical and essential duties may be assigned to perform these duties and tasks remotely to ensure business continuity. These assignments should be made prior to approving other requests to telework.

2. Teleworking Requests – Every effort should be made to allow employees who desire to work remotely the opportunity to do so. After having assessed the employee's suitability for teleworking using the Teleworking Request Worksheet, the supervisor must submit a Teleworking Request for approval. However, requests for employees not performing critical or essential functions should be approved only when such requests do not tax other University resources, e.g. the employee wants to work but does not have a computer and needs IT to upgrade an old department laptop in order to do their work. 

Approval of requests may be delayed while decisions regarding critical operations are being made. Employees performing non-critical functions should be allowed to use Annual Leave while their request is being reviewed.

To view the interim Teleworking Policy please visit: