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Employees encouraged to learn how to protect personal information online

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Everfi offers an online security course, through Cornerstone, titled Checkpoint: Data Security and Privacy. The free online course will teach you how to recognize and respond to potential cyber attacks. Specific topics include phishing, pharming, social engineering, secure wireless connections, creating strong passwords, encryption, safe browsing, and watering hole attacks.

During the course, participants will apply the techniques they learn in a variety of realistic scenarios. The 90-minute training is available to all employees. Full-time employees should access the course through Cornerstone. Part-time employees should access the course in Moodle in the list of courses.

Access the course through ULink.

  1. Log in to ULink. On the Employee tab, in the Human Resources box, click Cornerstone.
  2. Once in Cornerstone, click the navigation menu icon at the top right, click Learning, then select Browse for Training.
  3. Search for "Everfi-Checkpoint: Data Security, and Privacy" and click on it.
  4. The training details screen will appear, click Request. The course will show in your list of courses.
  5. Click Launch to begin the training.


  • Before clicking on a link in any email, hover over the link to see the preview of where it will actually take you.
  • Forward suspicious emails to
  • The University will never ask for your password or login information via email.
  • If you are concerned that your account may have been compromised, immediately change your ULID password.

Learn more about phishing scams. If you have questions or experience difficulty accessing the training, email