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Changes to the Code of Governmental Ethics

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Effective July 1, 2018

Food and Drink Limit Increases

The limitiation on the dollar value of food and drink a public servant may accept has increased to $61 (sixty-one dollars) per public servant per event. As always, the dollar limitation does not include tax or gratuity, and public servants must eat this food in the presence of providers or their representatives. The provider is responsible for keeping track of how much has been spent, but public servants should reasonably be able to tell whether the money being spent on them is above the Codes limit. ​

Complimentary Admission Streamlined

The Code's restrictions for complimentary admission have changed, and the previous restriction, R.S. 42:1123(41), has been repealed.

Now, under R.S. 42:1115.2, public servants may accept complimentary admission, lodging, and reasonable transportation or reimbursement for such expenses if the public servant and the agency head comply with the Code's statute.

The statute requires the agency heads complete the following before the public servant may accept such assistance:

  1. Must certify that such expenses will directly benefit the agency or will enhance the knowledge or skill of the public servant as it relates to the performance of public service duties.
  2. Must approve the acceptance of such expenses.

The statute requires that Public servants file a disclosure form including the agency head's certification within 60 days of acceptance. Fines may be assessed for untimely filed disclosure.

(Louisiana Board of Ethics)