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LEO ID numbers for Training

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All employees are assigned a LEO number for state training (Ethics, Purchasing/LA Carte, etc.) These numbers are generated by the state on a monthly batch process. LEO numbers for new hires are typically assigned the second week of each month, and will appear on ULink by the 3rd week of that month. New hires that begin at or after the first Friday of each month may have to wait until the following month to have a personnel number generated. Conversely, a new hire who starts towards the middle/end of a month may have a personnel number in a  few weeks or less. This is dependent on the new hire's start date in relation to the date of ID generation.

Log into ULink to see your LEO ID.

To Activate Your LEO ID Number:
1. Visit the LEO website to activate
2. Click First Time User, as your prior ID number is inactivated
3. Follow the prompts to create your new security questions and assign a new password

If you cannot locate your LEO number on ULink, or have any questions, contact Human Resources at