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Entering & Exiting Facilities

Entry to buildings may be regulated or monitored, and your Cajun Card/badge may be required. You may not hold or prop open exterior doors for anyone as it defeats social distancing.

Department heads and building safety coordinators should identify building access points and coordinate employee arrival and departure times to reduce congestion during typical “rush hours” of the business day. Employee arrivals and departures should be scheduled in 30-minute increments to reduce personal interactions at building access points, hallways, stairs/elevators, etc.

When arriving on campus, you should enter and leave through the designated building access point at your designated time. This is to limit the number of people entering and exiting buildings at any one time. Visitors, guests, and pets are not allowed on campus during this time. Violation of these guidelines may result in the immediate revocation of building access privileges, as well as disciplinary action.

Signage & Posters

Building occupants must follow signage on traffic flow through building entrances, exits, elevator usage, and similar common use areas. Signs and fliers can be downloaded for posting in buildings and other facilities. Only University-approved signage may be used.