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Catapult Health Screenings: April 6-9 2021

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has engaged Catapult Health to provide onsite Preventive Health Checkups to eligible OGB members! All OGB primary plan members (actives and retirees) are invited to benefit from this terrific service at NO COST.

Catapult Health is offering free preventive health screenings on campus from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. April 6-9, in the Magnolia Room of the Student Union. Schedule an appointment. Checkups last 30 minutes and results are private.

Those who participate in a Catapult Health preventive checkup can receive a discount on future health insurance premiums.


• Total Cholesterol+Height
• HDL+Weight
• LDL+Body Mass Index
• Triglycerides+Comprehensive Personal Health Report
• Glucose+Personal Action Plan
• A1c +One-on-One Consult with Nurse Practitioner
• ALT and AST (liver tests)+History of Past Results (beginning year two


Take a step toward earning your premium credit for 2020. Get to know your health status related to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Get lab-accurate test results in minutes. Review your results with a licensed Nurse Practitioner and develop a personal plan for greater health and well-being.


Your preventive care is covered at 100%. You pay nothing out of pocket.


Your personal results are not shared with your employer. With your permission, we’ll send your results securely to your Primary Care Provider.


Choose a time that works for you. For most people, the entire checkup requires about 30 minutes and is available at or near where you work.
You must schedule an appointment in advance.

When you attend the Catapult Health Screenings, as a requirement, you must present your Blue Cross insurance card and photo identification card.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Any questions, please call Malika Oubre at (337) 482-1014.

Note: This health checkup is not recommended for women who are pregnant, have been pregnant within the past six weeks, or have had a double mastectomy with bilateral lymph node removal. If any of these pertain to you, please cancel your appointment and continue routine care with your healthcare provider.


If you are not able to attend a Catapult Health Preventive Checkup this year, you may receive the premium discount by having your Primary Care Provider report lab and biometric values via the Primary Care Provider Form.