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COVID-19 Employee Resource Guide

Employee Resource Guide

As the pandemic continues to be extremely fluid, the university will continue to provide guidance most appropriate, given our current environment. Employees must follow the prescribed steps on the Employee Resource Guide to remain compliant with the university’s COVID-19 Personal Safety Practices.

I am an employee and have tested positive for COVID-19. What should I do?

The CDC has updated the recommended isolation and quarantine period for people with COVID-19.

If you test positive for COVID-19 (regardless of vaccination status), you should isolate for five days and if you have no symptoms or your symptoms are resolving (fever free for 24 hours), followed by five days of wearing a mask when around others.

Follow the additional steps below to ensure that you remain compliant with University COVID-19 personal safety practices. If you are currently in the workplace, please leave immediately. Once you are at your residence, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your supervisor immediately. Your supervisor will ask about your recent activities in the workplace. You may be referred to the Office of Human Resources to provide additional information.
  2. Complete the required COVID-19 Positive Test Reporting Form. University employees are required to report that they are COVID-19 positive by completing the COVID-19 Positive Test Reporting Form. The form must be completed by employees who work on campus or remotely. The Office of Human Resources will receive your completed form and will keep the information confidential. Only the number of positive cases are reported to the Office of Institutional Research by the Office of Human Resources. This data is used to monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 throughout our university community.
  3. Review the Office of Human Resources website. The Office of Human Resources has compiled a range of resources for employees related to COVID-19. These resources include the COVID-19 Employee Quarantine & Isolation Guidance and the types of leave available to you.

You can return to the workplace when:

  • You have spent at least five calendar days (from the onset of your symptoms or, if you are asymptomatic, from the date of your positive test) in self-isolation; and
  • You have no symptoms or your symptoms (especially no fever for 24 hours) are resolving after 5 days. You can leave your house; however you must continue to wear a mask around others for five additional days.

If you have a fever, continue to stay home until your fever resolves. DO NOT report back to the workplace if you are sick.

A member from the Office of Human Resources may contact you to provide additional guidance on when to return to the workplace. You may also calculate your return-to-work date by using the CDC-provided quarantine and isolation calculator.

I have come in close contact with an individual who has tested COVID-19. What should I do?

The CDC has changed its guidelines to no longer require a quarantine period even with direct exposure to COVID-19.

However, employees who have come into contact or who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 must report their exposure, wear a mask or face covering for 10 days and isolate immediately if you develop symptoms.