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COVID-19 Screening Testing

As a part of our ongoing measures to ensure a safe, learning, and working environment for our students, faculty, and staff, the University is implementing weekly mandatory COVID-19 screening testing. Screening testing involves testing asymptomatic individuals who do not have known or suspected exposure to COVID-19.  Testing will allow the University to proactively detect infection and prevent further transmission of the virus. All, faculty, staff, and student employees who are:

  • Unvaccinated will be required to test for COVID-19, weekly.
  • Fully vaccinated will be randomly selected to test for COVID-19.

Employees unable to complete the required testing during that week must contact the Office of Human Resources immediately at

COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card

Congratulations on getting vaccinated!

Fully vaccinated employees should upload the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card they received from a pharmacy or health care provider. Employees must not provide or upload any other medical information as part of the proof of vaccination.

Upload your proof of vaccination >

COVID-19 Testing FAQ’s


Testing Site Location

The on-campus testing site is located at the former University Bookstore building at 210 E. St. Mary Blvd., and open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Testing is also available at select pharmacies, urgent cares, and clinics sponsored by hospitals. Find an off-campus COVID-19 testing site here. Testing on-campus is free.

  • Unvaccinated employees should get tested outside of working hours or work with their supervisors to use their daily breaks (such as during lunch or other approved break times) to get tested.
  • Fully vaccinated employees will not be required to test weekly for COVID-19 but may be randomly selected for the University’s random testing program.

Employees reporting to the on-campus testing site must complete the Daily Self-Check questionnaire before arriving to their work location. Employees who are not cleared to report to work must not report to the on-campus testing site unless instructed to do so Human Resources. Health care personnel (HCP), faculty and staff, who work in a health care setting, must complete the HCP self-check questionnaire before they arrive to their work location.

Testing Requirements

Employees required to test will receive a weekly email with details on how to proceed. The email will include information about the testing locations, pre-registration process, test expectations and information on what to do if you have tested positive within the last 90 days. The email will also provide a link to the Agreement to submit to COVID-19 Test (PCR) and Authorization Form. This form is required and will allow the Office of Human Resources to access employee’s COVID-19 test results.

Pre-registration is required for the on-campus testing site. Registration can be completed at Employees must provide a valid phone number and email address. Employees using other testing sites must follow that sites registration process.

COVID-19 Test (PCR) Expectations

Employees required to test must be administered a PCR molecular test. Antigen (Binax) rapid tests are not approved to meet the requirement of the testing program.

Employees reporting to the on-campus testing site, will need to notify testing personnel that you are a University employee and need to submit to a PCR COVID-19 test. Under observation by trained test site personnel, employees will self-administer the test by nasal swab. During the test, employees will swab both the left and right nostrils and place the cotton swab in a tube. Testing site personnel will be available to ensure that this is done correctly.

Face coverings and social distancing are required at the testing site. The only time employees will not be required to wear a face-covering is during the collection of their specimens.

COVID-19 Test (PCR) Results

COVID-19 test results will be available approximately 3-5 days after testing, for employees who reported to the on-campus testing site. If an employee tests positive, they will be contacted by phone. All COVID-19 test results will be available by:

If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Human Resource at

COVID-19 Testing FAQs