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Classified Staff Position Announcements

Position: Administrative Coordinator 2
Unit: Special Services: Veterans Upward Bound
Monthly Salary: $1538 ($8.87/hr)
Post date: 3/3/15
Pull date: 3/10/15

Position: Administrative Assistant 3
Unit: Office of Student Life & Conduct
Monthly Salary: $1759 ($10.15/hr)
Post date: 3/3/15
Pull date: 3/10/15

Position: Accounting Specialist 1
Unit: Business Services: Student Cashiers Center
Monthly Salary: $1645 ($9.49/hr)
Post date: 3/3/15
Pull date: 3/12/15


Vacancies with the New Iberia Research Center

Laboratory Technical Assistant 1
Laboratory Technical Assistant 2
Laboratory Technical Assistant 3
Laboratory Technician 1
Laboratory Technician 2
Laboratory Technician 3

Laboratory Technical Assistant 1Part-time Custodial Positions Available:

HOUSEKEEPERS NEEDED—The Office of University Housing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is currently hiring part-time housekeepers to assist with the daily cleaning of our residence hall facilities. Prior housekeeping experience preferred. Weekday, weekend, evening, and overnight shifts of between 18 and 20 hours per week are available at the hourly rate of $8.00.
Apply in person on campus at the Housing Office on the 2nd floor of Buchanan Hall, 111 Boucher Street, Lafayette, LA 70504, 337-482-6471.


 Professional Level Exam (PLE) Implementation

Office Support Exam (OSE) Implementation

New Two Year Expiration Date For All Tests